Our new web site is up and running!

With the old Corey Lake Association web site hacked and rendered beyond repair, a resolution was introduced and passed by the membership at our 2017 Lake Association Meeting approving the funding, development and implementation of a new and improved web site. After much work we are pleased to share this new web site with all of you!

Along with approving our new web site, a volunteer was sought to maintain this site for our members. James Snell, that’s me!…..volunteered and was subsequently appointed to this task. I’m honored to be of assistance and will do my best to be of service to our members in this capacity.

Please understand that a web site is a communications tool and in order for it to be successful needs to be kept current, relevant and useful. I am asking that our membership please use our new Contact Page to share any ideas, posting information or other details with me so I may update our web site accordingly. All messages that are submitted through the Contact page will come directly to me by email. Know that our site will continue to develop and change as we accept this new input and ideas.

Please take a few minutes to click through the site and check out a few of the new features we have added. The short list includes: adding e-commerce capability which allows us to accept payment of dues online! Donation’s to Fireworks and Dive Rescue will still need to be mailed at this time. While some may wish to continue their dues payment via paper check and mail, those who wish to take advantage of this new, fast, safe and reliable transaction method may now do so. Our event postings now populate into our calendar which includes a new easy to use search feature. You will also find improved detail under our Sector Representative area with sector area definitions now added. We have an Info Page and will continue to build this out with more detail and information over time, for now we have included some early information and our Bylaws. A Links Page includes direct links to the Corey Lake Yacht Club and For the Love of Corey Lake Facebook Pages, expect more to come over time here too such as DEQ, Law/Marine Enforcement, Fire/EMS, etc. We have maintained an Ads Page where we will continue to share information and details from Lake Association supporters. Please consider checking out our Ads Page should you find yourself in need of  a local vendor, service or service professional. Let’s support those who support our Association, and please pass on to any local businesses or service professionals you know that they should consider being on our web site too! Our gallery has been maintained and we will include photos of Lake Association events and submissions from members. Please let me know if you have good photos from past events and we can work to include those along the way. Look for new additions to come: Corey Lake Breeze (and archives), Association Meeting Minutes and other useful reference information about our beloved Corey Lake.

While I’m sure we have not covered it all in these early efforts, we have worked hard to get us to this point. I look to all of you to help me make and keep our site the best it can be. I will look forward to your constructive input, support and submissions. If your out and about on the lake, my wife Deb and I can be found at “the grey floating dock” in Little Corey, stop in and say Hi!!!

Thank you and have a safe summer!

James S.

–> Check out the comments and feedback we are receiving about the new website. Please keep them coming, thank you!

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