The CLA has received a thank you letter from Capt. Jason Bingaman of the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department Dive Rescue Team for its donation of $1,097, a copy of which is below. For our readers knowledge, this donation was made possible through the direct and generous support and participation in the recent CLA 2017 Poker Run.

It is important to note that the St. Joseph County Dive Rescue Team is an unfunded unit comprised of dedicated volunteers and is able to continue its operations through generous community donations such as this. The decision to make this donation was made as a motion at the 2017 Corey Lake Association Member’s meeting and was 100% supported by all members in attendance. In addition to this particular donation we also recognize and thank our many other members who have made personal contributions to this very important public service unit. Should you wish to make a donation to this unit you will find directions on how to do so under the Membership Page of our web site.

While we hope Corey Lake will never need to call upon the St. Joseph County Dive Rescue Team for their emergency services anytime soon, we are grateful in knowing they continue to stand ready to assist and are pleased to share with them that they are appreciated and supported by our lake association members.