The CLA has received a thank you note from the Fabius Park Fire Department (a copy of which is below) for its donation of $ 1,097 toward its Rescue Boat fund. For our readers knowledge this donation was made possible through the direct and generous support and participation in the recent CLA 2017 Poker Run.

This donation was one of a number of donations that were approved at the 2017 Corey Lake Association meeting and they were all 100% supported by the members in attendance.

Fabius Park Fire Department is the primary response agency for fire and rescue emergencies on Corey Lake and throughout Fabius and Park Townships. The Fabius Park Fire Department is lead by Fire Chief Mike Frye. To Chief Frye and to all the Officers and Firefighters of the Fabius Park Fire Department (Station Three), thank you for your service to our community. It’s good to know that you are all there should we ever need you!