I wanted to remind everyone that dues for the 2018-2019 member season are now payable and the online member list for this time period will update regularly after May 1, 2018. Unpaid dues will be considered delinquent after July 1. Dues payments may be sent by mail or paid online, details on how to submit can be found on our Membership Page.

I am pleased to share that this years membership mailing has resulted in quite a few new members joining who were not members last year. Thank you to all our members who have already renewed their memberships and we extend a warm welcome and thank you to all our new members too! If you have not yet submitted membership dues, we ask that you please do so as your continued support of the lake association and its many efforts are very important.

We are making progress on our Fireworks Fund donation collections. As you are all aware the annual Corey Lake Fireworks show is funded entirely through donations. The cost of this years show is approximately $4,500 and is again being graciously hosted by YMCA Camp Eberhart. As of 5-8-18 we have received member donations of $3,730 toward this years event, when combined with our carry over fireworks fund balance we are able to fund this years show! THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to make this possible. Any additional donations received from this year will help to rebuild our fireworks fund for next years show. We maintain this fund for reservation costs, pre-show preparation fees, etc. If you have not yet contributed for this year please consider doing so as the continued success of this event depends on all of our support.

Donations to date (5-8-18) in support of the St. Joseph County Dive Rescue Team are $1,596. These donations directly support those who would be called upon to support us should the unthinkable happen. And yes, we have sadly experienced past drowning events on Corey Lake. Let’s continue to support them so they are always prepared should we need them (but let’s hope we never do again!).

The CLA has reimbursed Mary Sue Pollitt’s purchase the materials necessary for her to continue monitoring the quality of our lake water in 2018. Many members are unaware that Mary Sue represents the Corey Lake Association in the MiCorps Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLM), a collaborative partnership led by the MDEQ. Mary Sue is our lake volunteer who is trained and equipped to monitor the following inland lake parameters:

Secchi Disk – Water Transparency
Spring and Summer Total Phosphorus
Chlorophyll a – a measure of how much algae is present in lake’s water column
Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature
Exotic Plant Watch
Aquatic Plant Identification

Thankfully Corey Lake’s testing results have always been favorable, look for Mary Sue to provide us all with her testing updates at our Annual Meeting on June 2. A BIG THANK YOU to Mary Sue for her handling this task for the Corey Lake Association!

Annual Member Meeting is scheduled for Saturday June 2, 2018, 9am and is being hosted by Camp Wakeshma. A big THANK YOU to Camp Wakeshma for hosting us this year!!! Join us in their Main Lodge for updates about this years goings on. Further details can be found here.

Dues have been paid for the CLA’s membership in Michigan Lakes & Streams Association. Once they process our payment look for their site to add the CLA as a member association with a link to our Web Site.

After May 1, 2018 we begin uploading our paid member mailing list to Michigan Riparian Magazine and providing our annual member subscription payment. This is done so our paid members can receive Riparian magazines on a quarterly basis. Those who submit dues later; you may miss being included in our primary data submission which could result in your not being included in some of these magazine mailings.

Please continue to watch our web site for more updates as they become available. If you have something you would like to contribute or share please utilize our Contact Us page.

Thank you and we are looking forward to a safe and wonderful summer!!