I am pleased to announce that Corey Lake Association Members have generously donated a total (to date) of $2,549.00 to the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department Dive Rescue Team. I personally presented our latest donations and met with Capt. Jason Bingaman who shared with me a detailed update on the teams progress in improving its equipment and capabilities. Their latest project is the replacement of an aging (over 20 yr old) team equipment trailer. Capt. Bingaman explained that due to the generous support from groups like ours they will be putting into service a new equipment/transport/staging/rehab/supply trailer for the Dive Rescue Team. This new trailer will include climate control capabilities so divers can dress or recover in a safe and appropriately climate controlled environment. This ability becomes most crucial during periods of extreme weather such as winter time during ice rescue scenarios or during extreme hot weather during summer. The trailer will also house all their rescue gear and other support materials that will be needed for the team during a deployment. This trailer will be part of the teams emergency response assets and will deploy each time the team is called upon for its services.

In support of the Corey Lake Association, members and leaders of the St. Joseph County Dive Rescue Team will be joining us at our upcoming Ice Cream Social on July 7 (3 – 4:30 pm) at YMCA Camp Eberhart, Klinger Hall. They will also be brining along some of their new equipment for our members to see. They are very thankful for our generous support and are excited to join us at our event and to show our members how their support has benefitted the team. Please plan on coming out for some Ice Cream and to see in person how your (our) donations are put to good use in our community – family and friends are welcome and encouraged to join in and there is NO COST to participate in this event!

Thank you again to everyone for your continued support and I hope to see you on July 7 at the Ice Cream Social!!!