Sadly the Corey Lake Fireworks were rained out and the rain date is Sunday 7-8-18.

In response to various postings on social media outlets or other avenues of inquiry regarding why the Corey Lake fireworks are not on the 4th of July or on some other prime date, I offer the following:

Most importantly let us never forget why we celebrate and host commemorative fireworks. Please take time to reflect and share the real meaning of the 4th of July Holiday and all the blessings that we continue to enjoy today from its origins.

That aside, like everything else our Fireworks Show comes down to dollars, scheduling, and dollars…….

Here is the scoop: First is scheduling, our show is graciously hosted by Camp Eberhart. Camp schedules and coordinates the show date with us into their very busy schedule. Booking is done almost 1 yr ahead so we can secure an affordable spot on a reputable (licensed, insured) commercial vendors calendar. Processing the show in this fashion makes our members donations entirely tax deductible, something we would not be able to do if we processed it entirely on our own. Additionally, our show is funded ENTIRELY through member donations and given the amount we collect (and sadly NOT EVERYONE CONTRIBUTES) it limits our date selections as prime dates cost more and the best vendors show calendars fill quickly. As a bit of an added benefit and something many people don’t know about is the fact that our vendors have always provided some additional fireworks into our shows at no additional cost to the Assocation….so we do end up with a little more “bang for our bucks” in our shows which is appreciated. 

If you wish to see change in the fireworks show date to something more prime in nature then we will need everyone to step up and contribute accordingly. I also recommend that all members make it a point to participate in the Lake Association Meeting where they can speak up and be heard about all issues Corey Lake – complaining on social media or other avenues is of little value and is especially valueless coming from people who are not members or who have not contributed to the issue have chosen to simply complain about. Stepping up to help is what it will take to bring about any desired change going forward, encourage others to donate and participate rather than complain.


Thank you for your understanding and support,  as always we will continue to do our best with the much appreciated, valuable and limited resources that are shared with our Association to fund the Corey Lake Fireworks.

Enjoy the summer and be safe!