We wanted to share with all our members that we are already looking forward to the 2019 annual Fireworks show. Bring on the sunshine!

2018 was a tough year for our show, Mother Nature rained us out and the show was not really held on a very good day of the week either. It is important for our members to know that our show, while we think its a “big show”, it’s really not considered a “big show” in the world of fireworks vendors. That being the case we are typically competing with “truly big shows” who are paying upwards of $50,000 and more for prime day and date shows. This makes it tough for us to secure a really prime spot and this is what we were up against in 2018.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS. We have been able to secure Friday July 5 for our 2019 show! We are hoping this day and date works out well for more of our members, especially with the 4th falling on a Thursday. We are hoping that many people will be extending their holiday weekends in 2019 and having the show on the Friday will continue the festivities and kick off that weekends fun!

As an additional FYI & Update – we have also been notified by our vendor that costs for our Fireworks show in 2019 will be increasing. Our vendor shared with us that his costs have gone up between 15%-30%. We are working to see if we can lock in some pricing over a number of years to help limit this impact for our Association Members. Presently we will be looking at costs around $5,200 for our show. The good news on this is that we do have some carry over funds from 2018 that should help to cover the increase for the 2019 show.

So, mark your 2019 calendars for the 2019 Fireworks and plan your long holiday weekend to include a great Fireworks Show kick off on Friday July 5, 2019!