Our e-commerce page is now live and functional! Members who wish to pay online may now conveniently do so!

This new feature is all inclusive and will accept payments for dues, purchases for a discounted subscription for The Michigan Riparian Magazine, and the submission of donations for the annual Fireworks Show and to the St. Joseph County Dive & Rescue Team.

We had many members asking us to set this up and to have it include acceptance of payments and donations. As an added convenience, payments and donations may also be made using your Amazon account. So if you are an existing Amazon shopper you may quickly and easily check out with very little input of additional information. We hope this new feature serves everyone well. Your feedback and comments are most welcome via our contact us page.

While this feature is a convenience for our members, it does come with a nominal cost. And since we are a non-profit organization, the rates we are being assessed to provide this will be passed on at check out to members who elect to use it. These convenience & processing fees are as follows: 3.0 % of total charge + .31 cents. As more members use this we are hopeful we can negotiate these fees downward over time.

For those who wish to make payments by (mail) check and avoid fees, your payments and donations by “check in the mail” is still most welcome. Details on how to submit payment by check can be found on our membership page.

Watch your mailbox for the annual membership mailing which just went out. Note: You do not need this mailing in hand to submit dues or donations online. Online services are available anytime!