On 12-4-2019 a meeting of the Corey Lake Intercounty Drainage Board was held at Fabius Township Hall to “Determine Necessity of Petition for proposed maintenance and improvements and review of the drainage district boundaries”. This well attended meeting included a PowerPoint presentation by Dan Fredricks, Engineer from Land & Resource Management. Mr. Fredricks presentation reviewed the proposed water-shed/drainage district, its current infrastructure, and how it generally works and performs. For your review and consideration a copy of Mr. Fredricks PowerPoint presentation can be found here. In addition to the PowerPoint Mr. Fredricks also provided a very detailed engineering report which can be found here.

After discussion and a Q/A period the Drainage Board approved moving forward with a project within the newly detailed water-shed to address its drainage systems. Specific details of a project and related costs are yet to be determined. To facilitate communications during this ongoing process future meetings will be held on an as necessary basis with public notices taking place on the drain commission and township web sites. Additionally, the drain commissioners asked that each lake association appoint a representative to assist with gathering and dissemination of information between their members during this process. James Snell will be the Corey Lake Representative for this process.

For the Corey Lake Association we are asking members to read through the information provided at this meeting (see links above) and to provide any questions/comments/concerns/input, etc. via the CLA Contact Us web page. Submissions made via this portal will go directly to James Sith all submissions then being shared directly with the St. Joseph County Drain Commissioner. Answers or follow up will be provided back to you by email. All CLA member input is valuable, please take the time to read through the information so you have an understanding of this pending project and how it impacts you, Corey Lake and its entire water-shed.

Please check back to the CLA website for future updates and or notices. We will do our best to keep you updated accordingly.

Thank you and best wishes for a quick winter and Happy Holidays!