It appears Corey Lake will experience yet another high water level spring. At present Corey Lake levels are running approximately 10-14” over legal levels and we all know what that means – difficult or delayed dock installations, potential for no wake situations, increased erosion issues, etc.

To help lake drainage clean up activities have already taken place at both the Corey Lake outlet on the east side of the lake and at the Peterson Drain intake. These clean up efforts, carried out by John Kroggel, Jon VanOss, and John Gustafson, included removing backed up leaves from the Corey Lake Outlet and moving leaves and debris away from the Peterson Drain intake. A big thank you goes out to our “three Johns” who have been taking on these clean out activities on their own accord for some time now. Without their efforts our lake water level would be much higher, all your fellow Corey Lakers THANK YOU!

While we greatly appreciate John, Jon and John’s efforts we cannot expect them to always be available when such issues come up and they also need some additional help. With that in mind and to ensure these very important drainage points remain open and flowing we are seeking additional volunteers to pitch in and help build a Corey Lake Association “Water Flow Team”. Members of this team would be called upon on an as needed basis to assist when either outflow location needs some attention, helping to ensure they remain open and flowing. Volunteer activities would include: visually inspecting these locations for water flow status and assisting with clean ups to open the waterways if needed. Typical clean ups may include: raking out leaves or removing floating debris that has clogged up the waterway, etc.. We would also ask volunteers to bring their own tools (rakes, pitchforks and or waiters, etc.) depending on the weather and project.

If you are willing and able to help out with an occasional work project to benefit everyone on Corey Lake we would love to have you join this new team. Remember, many hands make for faster and easier work and having a larger call out list would help ensure we can get team members out when work or flow assessment is needed.

To join the CLA Water Flow Team: please click here to send us your information via our contact page. Select James Snell as your contact person and in the message section indicate you wish to help out. Someone will contact you with additional information and details.

Thank you for your consideration and support, have a safe, happy and healthy spring.