The CLA 2020-2021 Membership and donation window is open. The response so far has been great to our early electronic membership notifications! Thank you to all those who have utilized the online payment portal for their dues and donations, your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Just a quick note & FYI about the membership notifications –

In addition to the email and Facebook (for the Love of Corey Lake Page) notifications being sent out about CLA membership activities being active, a USPS mailing also went out with similar information. These mailings are sent as many members do not have email or access to social media outlets. While we do our best to stop duplicate notifications some overlap can sometimes occur.

If you have already renewed or established a membership online and you receive a follow up USPS membership mailing, please disregard the mailing. It’s likely the mailing went out before your online payment was received and processed.

Thank you again for your continued support of the Corey Lake Association and please continue to check back for any updates and notifications.