The CLA Board met by video conference on 5-5-20. The following information is provided as a brief member update:

The regular member wide annual meeting (typically held on 1st. Saturday in June) has been postponed. We will consider an August meeting date depending on State of Michigan restriction status.

The annual dues and membership window remains open. In addition to hands-free communications a member mailing has gone out. If you have already renewed your membership online and you receive the follow up mailing, we apologize for the overlap. Members are encouraged to use the online membership features to pay for dues, make donations and purchase a Riparian Subscription.

If you know of any new neighbors at Corey Lake, please introduce them to the CLA and direct them to the CLA website for more information.

The Corey Lake Breeze (CLA Newsletter) will switch to a “hands-free” online version this year. This is a work in progress and will include many interesting topics such as: Member updates, Lights or Love, Lake Water Testing, Drain Commissioner update, information about an Oakland University Swimmers Itch Study that includes Corey Lake, and much more. Please watch the web site for the posting of this years informative communication.

Fireworks remain scheduled for Friday July 3, 2020.

The Children’s Bike Parade has been cancelled for this season.

We are checking with the DNR to see if we can obtain a boat parade permit for this year. If a permit can be obtained the Boat Parade would be scheduled for Friday July 3, 2020. Please watch the web site for updates on this activity. Note- The CLA is required to have a DNR permit to “officially hold” the boat parade.

CLA Annual Garage Sale date will be August 1, 2020. We will monitor State of Michigan restrictions and make adjustments if necessary. As always members who choose to have a garage sale on this date do so on an individual basis. No proceeds return to the CLA from any personal garage sales.

It was recognized and affirmed that the Corey Lake Poker Run is not an official activity of the Corey Lake Association. Private citizens have taken this upon themselves, the CLA assumes no liability for any privately sanctioned activities.

The CLA Ice Cream Social will remain an open, non scheduled activity at this time. The decision to hold this activity will be dependent upon future State of Michigan restriction status. Please watch the web site for updates on this activity.

Corey Lake Area Clean Up: It was recognized that some of our area roadsides and drainage ditch’s seem to be a bit cluttered with trash and debris this spring. Members are encouraged to pitch in and help clean up any trash they might encounter while out walking, etc. Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

Other details from the Board Meeting will be forthcoming in the online newsletter.

Please continue to check the web site for additional updates and messages.