A big thank you to everyone who made donations to the 2020 Corey Lake Association Fireworks show! This years show was another great success! Our fireworks show would not be possible without your continued and generous support.

Thank you again to YMCA Camp Eberhart and Katia Martin for their support in hosting our show. Camp generously allows our show to “launch” from their waterfront so we can all enjoy a front and center display. Special thanks to Katia Martin, Director, YMCA Camp Eberhart, for her support in working with our fireworks vendor directly. She is our volunteer liaison to our vendor, making sure things are in order and that the “fuse gets lit” for our enjoyment. We could not do it without her and camp!

We remind everyone that our fireworks show is 100% funded by donations. If you truly enjoyed this years show we would encourage you to consider making a donation in support. Donations remain open year round via our online portal. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

As an FYI to all our members¬† – To date our 2020 fireworks show donations did fall a bit short of covering actual costs, expenditures for this years show will be covered using some previously banked donations. While this funding approach can work in the short term, we can’t rely on fund balance availability for every show.

If you know of anyone, and no – they don’t need to be a Corey Lake Association member, that enjoyed our show and didn’t make a donation – please ask them to consider making a donation as well. Our online donation portal can be accessed by anyone at anytime. Help us spread the word in support of this outstanding event!

Thank you again and may the rest of your summer be safe, happy and healthy!