It has been my pleasure to serve as Treasurer for the Corey Lake Association for these past few years. I am pleased to share that my wife and I have decided to relocate to sunny Florida to enjoy a new chapter in our lives on beautiful Lake Mariam in Winter Haven. We will be thinking of you and Corey Lake fondly when winter rolls around and we are still able to enjoy our boats on the water……sorry, I couldn’t resist. You can keep the snow too (:

Thank you to everyone for your many friendships and I trust you will continue to support the Corey Lake Association, its Board and our wonderful Corey Lake.

I have officially handed off the reins of the Treasurers duties to Jim and Barb Snell who have graciously volunteered to take on this new task along with managing the web site, along with President Cindy Gillard. They will do an outstanding job.

Safe, healthy and happy blessings to everyone and thank you again for everything!