The club’s mission is to promote sailing, racing and fellowship for all. We believe competitive racing and ’tiller time’ are the best way to improve skills and stay enthusiastic. Two races are held each Saturday and Sunday mid June through Labor Day (weather permitting) starting at 1 pm. Beginners, youth, old salts and non-sailors are all welcome. We have no residence or location requirements. Sailors and social members need not live here or even have a boat registered in Michigan. We hold 1 social event a month. Four legally permitted anchored buoys and our CLYC pontoon boat establish the course.

Although the majority of our fleet are MC scows, all classes of sail powered craft are eligible; we stagger race starting times to help even out  boat design differences.  Visitors are welcome; you don’t need to be a member to race.

Power boats use the lake during our races. We apologize for any inconvenience we may cause but also remind boaters that sail boats have the right of way over power boats at all times.  Please give wide berth and be careful of your wake. Be especially careful of our novices who might be distracted or unable to avoid other boats or obstacles.

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